Weekly Horoscope: October 30 to November 5, 2022

Weekly Horoscope: October 30 to November 5, 2022

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Let’s go, witches! Here’s your weekly horoscope. All Hallows’ fright night is here all weekend long. Grab your ghoul-friends and pay respects to the ancestors by carousing in fun costumes in their honor. As the leaves fall to conserve until rebirth in spring, what can you let go of or put on eco mode to conserve over winter? Take in a few early nights, and try your hand at making conserves and slow food. Mars is retrograde, so expect redirection on route to your goals. Consider multiple options before moving forward. 

Read on to discover what’s in store for your sign during the week of October 30 through November 5, 2022.

Aries Your ruling planet Mars is the headline for the week, finally inching back into retrograde motion on Sunday. It will rewind through to mid-January. Things may move slower than you’re used to or would like, so make the most of this backspin to pick up on items or areas you’d careened over roughshod in the past couple of months. Your zone of local activity and relationships is where the action takes place, so discover a new neighborhood or take the time to engage with yours in more detail. It’s fall, so why not get out and tick off a few fall must-do’s, like visit an orchard and pick your own apples or motor about a stunning autumnal area. 

TaurusAll systems rewind in your financial zone as Mars backspins for 2.5 months. Go over your approach on a particular topic involving your finances, income, and how you use your energy to bring home the bacon. There are new options and perhaps multiple streams of income or approaches yet to be discovered. If you feel stuck, there is even more reason to take a flexible and open-minded approach. Make the most of fall flavors and local produce with some D.I.Y pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice latte, and hearty soups. Check out scrappy cooking ideas; they’re clever and delicious, and why waste what you can eat?!

GeminiOk, Gemini, yours is the sign of the trickster, so fewer treats and more tricks this Halloween. Not only that, but Mars, the planet of energy, assertiveness, and decisive action, is retrograde in your sign through to January 13. The ultimate trickster has a hall pass, and your energy may be slightly lowered. Kick back and indulge in reading or chat over herbal tisanes. Your ultimately adaptable nature and penchant for paradox will see you through. You’re bound over this time to back up and test a variety of tracks to get to your goals. Just watch the reactivity switch, and don’t be drawn in, as it’s a quick road to be canceled these days! 

Cancer Since Mars, the adrenal-pumping planet of energy and aggression is crawling into retrograde in your sleep and dream zone, you may need extra wind-down time. Use the next 2.5 months for a few earlier nights, and reconfigure how you utilize your energy. Look after your adrenals with fewer stimulants and fortify with a good herbal tonic if you’re a natural health lover. Teas like ashwagandha are useful, coffee isn’t. Cut back a little and find a hearty substitute. The restorative action you take now will pay off in late March once martial Mars moves into your sign. 

Leo This week’s headline cosmic movement, scene one, act two, is the Mars retrograde. The planet of action (and war) is backspinning in your zone of friendships and groups so expect a little drama here. Go over how you expend your energy in this area, including how you connect on socials, organize, and even find events. If you have a business, perhaps it’s time to move on to new and better apps or platforms. Or you might be ready to dedicate your energy to a good cause. Use this time to discover and define your options. If a war of words between friends breaks out, make like Switzerland and remain both cool and neutral. 

Virgo It’s time to retrace ground in your career landscape as Mars, the planet of action, begins its retrograde on Sunday, through to January 13. Although it may feel a little frustrating, do your due diligence. You may find a better way, direction, or stone you need to flick off the path. This position forms a tense square to your sign which means it’s particularly compelling, and the more you resist, the more unsettling it may feel. So back it up, comb over your options, and data, then reroute. Sidestep invitations to chime into the current cacophony of keyboard warriors and war of words. Keep your eye on your goals, and keep yourself from being unduly distracted. 

Libra Over the next 2.5 months, plans around travel, study, and experiences that expand your horizons may need to be revisited. Mars is the planet of action, and in this case, its backward spin in this area suggests it’s high time to slow down and review your options. Perhaps there’s a better path; perhaps you can double your efforts and do two things at once, like study abroad, intern in media, or launch your contribution to the field. This position supports your sign by adding robust energy and assertiveness. If you’ve been considering a new direction, take a philosophical approach to get you rolling.  

Scorpio  Enjoy the novelty of Halloween and dip into the deeper meaning by excavating your feelings, your psychic capacity, and your need to interrogate. Pay respect to your ability to survive, your strengths, and your remarkable vulnerability so well cloaked under (almost) impenetrable armor. The retrograde phase of Mars, the warrior planet, begins on Sunday in your zone of sex and intimacy, so you may need to regroup and redraw battle lines. Why not hold a truce with peace negotiations if you’re tired of the silent treatment or something that hasn’t been working, perhpas a pattern you’ve noticed. Be ready to talk it out and try new approaches to old issues. 

SagittariusOn Sunday, Mars, the planet of action, swings into retrograde in your opposite sign of Gemini. Confusion ensues if you’re trying to do business as usual and herding cats instead. This retrograde activates your zone of relationships so expect to go over old ground, before going forward. Be ready for an incoming rapid-fire duel of words. You might have two options and a hard decision to make. Make the right one for you, and keep everything above board. Communication is everything, act on your values, and in the end, you’ll always be in the right place at the right time, with the right person! 

CapricornWhile this month’s spotlight is on social engagement, you may need to balance it with wellness and work zone changes. Refrain from burning the candle at both ends with late nights out and early morning fitness or getting a head start on that mountain of work or duty. Create work-life balance and habits that support you in the long run. Rifle through files, clear out, and consider a new course of action on a project. If your health routines could do with adjustment, you’ve got plenty of time to trial alternatives. Take advantage of try before you sign up offers, and experience different vendors and options. In this case, variety is the spice of life. 

AquariusThe way you spend your leisure time, do hobbies, and generally serve your inner child is under review as Mars swings into retrograde on Sunday. Perhaps there’s something you’ve outgrown, or it’s time to pick back up, like that guitar or Bunsen burner and science kit. You’re an air sign, so intellect and communication are central themes. Are you ready to go over your life so far and commit your story to paper in a thinly veiled bio? Perhaps research one of your heroes for creative inspiration? Try a variety of directions and consider a bit of multitasking before you decide on a course of action. If you have a fall bucket list you’ve never ticked off, this is your moment.

PiscesPisces, will you switch lanes in the pool of life or stay in your designated area? Mars is retrograde in your home sector, so you might feel like momentum here dive-bombed. But not to worry, this is your chance to go back over plans because you may find forging ahead wasn’t in your favor. Pick up on threads, details, and facts. And keep the domestic squabbles to a minimum; instead, pass the talking stick, so everyone has input. This placement makes a tense square aspect of your artistic and mystic sign, so it could feel like an attack on your personality, shine, or direction. Use the tension to speak up, act on your words, stand up for yourself or direct the energy into helping those less fortunate. 

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