UGREEN USB type-C Docking Station for Windows and macOS can connect a triple 4K external display set-up to most MacBooks

UGREEN USB type-C Docking Station for Windows and macOS can connect a triple 4K external display set-up to most MacBooks

The new 12-in-1 Docking Station. (Source: UGREEN)UGREEN’s latest multi-port is called a docking station, although it has more of a tower format for easy USB type-C-to-C connection to an ever-growing list of powerful ultrabooks. It supports external monitors of up to 8K/30Hz, albeit when used as a hub for Windows machines only. A triple 4K/60Hz display option is open to MacBooks, however, with some caveats.

UGREEN’s accessories that bridge the gap between an ultrabook’s practically solo USB type-C port and various missing outputs such as HDMI or DisplayPort (DP) have often come in form-factors designed to make one feel better about leaving the house with said PC; however, the OEM’s latest docking station’s almost mini-PC-like dimensions make it much more of a permanent desk resident than its portable forebears.

A user might not mind, as the Station’s resulting stack of ports may prove something to leave their multiple monitors plugged into for streamlined connection to their thin-and-light PC once it has come back home. The new Docking Station counts an 8K HDMI port among its varied I/O, alongside 1 DP output and a second HDMI, although those are both 4K.

Most products along these lines are overtly pitched at MacBooks; however, in this case, the 8K spec is compatible with Windows PCs such as the Dell XPS 13 or Surface Pro 8 (and also, presumably, the newer 9) only. In fact, this USB type-C hub does not support M2 MacBooks at all – then again, their slightly older counterparts can still avail of triple 4K/60Hz monitors via UGREEN’s new Station.

The hub also has a total of 3 type-C ports: a specific host for the PC (not compatible with other mobile devices such as tablets); a second rear-mounted one rated to charge devices at up to 100W, and another powered port in the front of the device, albeit for 5V/3A power in that case. It is found near the Station’s 3.5mm jack – under slots for both SD and microSD cards.

The Docking Station also has room for a Gigabit Ethernet connection and 3 type-A ports with speeds of up to 10Gb/s, although not for compatibility with Linux. It is priced at US$329.99 on Amazon, with a possibly limited introductory US$30 coupon check-box.

The new Docking Station’s port layout. (Source: UGREEN)Deirdre O’Donnell – Senior Tech Writer – 5672 articles published on Notebookcheck since 2018

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Deirdre O’Donnell, 2022-10-28 (Update: 2022-10-28)

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