Top 25 best sci-fi games for Android phones and tablets

Top 25 best sci-fi games for Android phones and tablets

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25 sci-fi games for Android that will take you to the stars

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Updated on November 24, 2022 – re-checked the list

We all know about sci-fi movies, novels, TV series and comic books. But we don’t always think about sci-fi games.

That’s probably because we define them more by the way they play than their settings and storylines. But there are heaps of sci-fi games out there.

The future has been rich pickings for game developers from the beginning. Space Invaders and Galaxian took us on a journey to the stars in the ’70s – admittedly to blast aliens to smithereens, but it was a start.

1984’s Elite took a more sophisticated approach by giving us the option to trade with said aliens rather than ping laser fire at them. More importantly, it created a rich science fiction world to explore and thrive in.

Sci-fi games have only gotten richer and more nuanced in the years since. And that now includes mobile, where there are countless shooters, RPGs, and strategy games that fall under the sci-fi banner.

The following Android sci-fi game selections don’t merely contain a futuristic setting. Each one pulls you into a fully realised sci-fi world.

Original list by Jon Mundy, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

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Out There

Developer: Mi-Clos Studio

Publisher: Mi-Clos Studio

Available on: iOS + Android + Steam

Genre: Adventure, Strategy

Out There is a brilliant, mysterious, brutal choose-your-own space adventure that sets you out exploring the dark void of space. It looks absolutely mesmerizing, and the action has massive comic book vibes. It pretty much looks like a comic book come to life.

You’ll have tons of fun exploring the un-explored and the various sceneries and planets, and the characters you will interact with only add to the quality of the action within. It’s absolutely brilliant. Read our Out There review if you don’t believe us!

Download Out There


Knights of the Old Republic

Developer: BioWare

Publisher: Aspyr

Available on: iOS + Android + Steam

Genre: Action, RPG

Knights of the Old Republic is a Star Wars title that lets you fill the role of an amnesiac Jedi, forging your path towards the dark or the light. For sci-fi fans, it’s paradise. If you haven’t played any Star Wars game yet, then you’re clearly missing out.

This stunning creation is the epitome of sci-fi – it is a premium title that is well worth devoting your time to, as long as you’re a Star Wars fan. Otherwise, you’re probably not going to enjoy it as much as you’d like to. You can also read the Star Wars: KOTOR review we’ve published some time ago.

Download Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


Ticket to Earth

Available on: iOS

Genre: Puzzle

You wouldn’t necessarily expect an RPG-puzzler mash-up to come up with an involving sci-fi story, but Ticket to Earth does just that. Even better, this tale of mutant insects and rampaging robots has been rendered in a classy comic book style.

We’ve also got a Ticket to Earth review if you want to find out how this hybrid RPG puzzler plays out! It’s incredibly fun, and makes for a truly terrific, one can enjoy pretty much anytime. Oh, and it’s also got a really intriguing story that you can unfold in the meantime.

Download Ticket to Earth


Star Traders: Frontiers

A staggeringly accomplished RPG, ported successfully from PC. This is an ambitious open-world sci-fi adventure that lets you mould your own adventure as the captain of your own ship. Fight, trade, steal, explore – it’s entirely up to you. There are a plethora of tasks at hand, and there’s never a shortage of them when it comes to keeping you busy.

It’s one of the best space games that the Android platform can support – even in 2022. There are so many elements that make up the wholesome experience you’ll find in Star Traders: Frontiers that no other title comes anywhere close to it. It’s probably because of the addition of characters and turn-based battles.

Download Star Traders: Frontiers



Developer: Sleeping Beast Games

Publisher: Sleeping Beast Games

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Multiplayer

If you ever thought that you’d be great at piloting the Starship Enterprise with your buddies, Spaceteam will hilariously disabuse you of that idea. You are in charge of a ship and you can shout your heart out at your crew if they are doing a poor job. All sounds simple thus far, yeah?

Well, how about the fact that your ship is falling apart and all the while you are doing your best to outrun a supernova. It suddenly gets a tad more complicated. It’s a brilliantly well-done space game for Android, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to do so ASAP. You should also read our Spaceteam review!

Download Spaceteam



Publisher: Crescent Moon Games

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Adventure

Take the much-maligned No Man’s Sky, reign in the ambition to a more succinct format, and make it more instantly fun. That’s Morphite for you: a wonderfully outward-looking, explorative sci-fi adventure. You have blocky 3D graphics that are not the usual choice for sci-fi games (we all know sci-fi aficionados love a realistic approach), but we cannot be mad at that.

They look particularly delightful, so they perfectly complement Morphite’s intriguing narrative. Oh, and if you want to learn how that plays out, make sure to read our Morphite review. As we mentioned, it does everything perfectly.

Download Morphite


Punishing: Gray Raven

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Action, RPG

Punishing: Gray Raven is a fantastic RPG set in a dystopian far future, where the world is engulfed by Mechanoids. It has you piloting 3 characters called ‘Constructs’ in the battle against them, and boy, do they look astonishing. The anime graphics cleverly combined with the futuristic approach create a fully-immersible sci-fi game that gets your blood pumping.

PGR is basically a hack and slash RPG with a rich narrative behind, and more than enough fuel to keep it atop the rankings from every point of view. It’s not your typical Android space game though – it’s just a clever sci-fi title that is hard not to place in any list. That’s how good it is (despite the initial backlash after a less-than-optimal event). For more, you can read our PGR tier listto find out which characters are in meta, while also redeeming some of the codes for Punishing Gray Raven that we have!

Download Punishing: Gray Raven


XCOM: Enemy Within

Publisher: 2K

Available on: iOS + Android + Steam

Genre: Strategy

Probably the one that many players are already familiar with, XCOM has made its way onto the mobile leaderboards too – and for good reason. XCOM is just that good. You have to make deeply strategic moves every step of the way, and the narrative and gameplay are perfectly intertwined. That’s exactly why we have it laying about in every other list of ours.

But let’s talk about this XCOM in particular – Okay, so XCOM: Enemy Within’s plot is a bit ‘B movie’ – and not in the knowingly ironic sense. But when it comes down to the gameplay itself, all you can say is that it is turn-based strategy at its best. Just read our review and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Of course, if you like the first one, try the XCOM 2, it’s just as good.

Download XCOM: Enemy Within


Beholder 2

Publisher: Alawar Entertainment

Available on: iOS + Android + Steam

Genre: Simulation

Not all sci-fi relates to talking robots and space battles. There’s a rich seam of dystopian speculative fiction our there, and Beholder 2 is one of the foremost gaming examples. As a newly employed department officer in a totalitarian state, will you become a hardened careerist or protect your fellow citizens?

We cannot help but mention the gray approach when it comes to the characters – it perfectly encompasses their soulless bodies in the world of Beholder 2. And we don’t mean that in a gore-y way, but rather a metaphor for how they actually feel inside – that’s what I like to believe, at least. Makes me look at the game from a different angle.

Download Beholder 2


Void Tyrant

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Action

Void Tyrant’s playful, cartoony choose-your-own-adventure style hides an ambitious roguelike card battler that applies the basic rules of Blackjack for its simple but strategic battle system. It doesn’t do a good job of reflecting just how challenging and deeply strategic it is. Instead, it plays it down and makes you think that it’s just another random casual card game. Well, surprise – it’s not!

In Void Tyrant you can recruit various heroes and use them to adventure into the secret areas with your self-built card deck, and hope for the best – a good drop, a good encounter, or simply managing to come out victorious. It’s truly fun, exciting, and challenging! A fun little Android space game with cards.

Download Void Tyrant


Star Trek: Fleet Command

Developer: Digit Game Studios

Publisher: Scopely

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Strategy

Many of you probably know a thing or two about Star Trek, since it’s such a popular franchise – however, not many know just how good this mobile adaptation is. Star Trek: Fleet Command is a well-designed and deeply immersive 4X mobile strategy game, but its true value is its Star Trek IP and Kelvin Timeline setting (if you don’t know what that means, this probably isn’t for you).

Fleet Command will let you upgrade, customise and collect various ships from all the factions we all know and love (well, some at least), and the best part – you can collect popular characters and use them to aid you in battle. It’s such an addictive space game for Android that it’s easily a top pick in our list. You can also read our Star Trek: Fleet Command best crew combinations if you’re about to start playing it!

Download Star Trek: Fleet Command


Solar Smash

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Simulation

Some of you have the innate desire to obliterate something in the game rather than build up the frustration, or, God forbid do something in real life that you might regret. How about destroying a planet, ever tried that?

The concept of Solar Smash is rather interesting and new. Are you interested in what happens when one interstellar body like the Moon hits another one? You can take our solar system, for example, kick the Sun out of it and watch what happens next. You can use aliens, lasers, asteroids and a bunch of other destructive weapons at your disposal to create the most hilarious combinations.

Download Solar Smash


Xenowerk Tactics

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Strategy

Pixelbite created a compelling, deeply atmospheric sci-fi world in the original Xenowerk, and we have to admit – Xenowerk Tactics is not too far away either. However, this one has a more tactical approach, straying away from twin-stick shooting to tense team-based tactics. It’s actually a brilliant match.

Everything about it, from graphics to gameplay feels absolutely right, and delivers a high-quality space game for Android that every strategy game fan should play at least once in their lifetime. It’s really that good, and the best part yet – on Android you can play the first part for free. If you like it, then you can go ahead and purchase the rest.

Download Xenowerk Tactics



Developer: 3 Minute Games

Available on: iOS + Android + Apple Watch

Genre: Adventure

A brilliantly tense interactive fiction title, with top writing from Dave Justus. The key twist here is that it all unfolds in real time, with the survivor of a spaceship crash communicating with you directly throughout the day. That’s something we see in very few games, but in this environment it makes you look forward to the next event in a… unique way.

You will almost never want to skip through time (fast-forward your device’s clock) because it has something new and exciting happening every moment. Of course, it’s an interactive fiction game, so there won’t be much to brag about in terms of visuals – but the narrative is quite literally out of this world (good pun?).

Lifeline is a premium title, and if you are wondering whether or not you should purchase it, make sure to read our Lifeline review first. We strongly believe it’s worth it, but that’s just us – if you love a game with good narrative, you’ll probably agree with us.

Download Lifeline


CyberSphere Online

Available on: iOS

Genre: Arcade, Multiplayer, Shooter

Are you in hot pursuit of a high-quality space shooter for Android? Then look no futher, because CyberSphere Online is the answer. A lovely title that has it all – action, robots, shooting, explosions and lasers. Did I miss anything? Oh, a multiplayer option too.

In CyberSphere you basically team up with other players across multiple platforms and take part in various game modes. From bosses to PvP matches, there’s a little bit of everything. And while the graphics are not nearly as good as in other multiplayer online games, this sci-fi shooter is by no means ugly. It plays smoothly and lag-free (as long as your connection is stable), and you know that when it comes to shooters that’s an important factor.

Did you know we have a CyberSphere review? Don’t forget to check it out!

Download CyberSphere


Pixel Starships

Developer: SavySoda

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Multiplayer, Simulation, Strategy

If you love pixelated graphics as much as the next person, but you get easily excited about everything space-related, chances are you won’t often put the two together. However, in Pixel Starships the two create something beautiful – a stunning Android space game where you build your own ship, expand it and carry out interstellar battles.

Pixel Starships is ideal for those who want a more laid-back sci-fi game, with a colourful approach and a multiplayer mode. While there is not much that is original in terms of gameplay, it is still great if you want something simple. In our Pixel Starships review we were actually not impressed with it that much, but it still made the list for a number of reasons. For one, it’s pixelated; two, it’s simple, and three, it’s got a new challenge at every step.

So, if that all sounds good to you, make sure to check it out!

Download Pixel Starships


Infinite Lagrange

Developer: NetEase Games

Publisher: NetEase Games

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Simulation, Strategy

We have played Infinite Lagrange for a while, and it’s safe to say that it’s pretty similar to many other space games out there – however, it stands out because it’s a game that doesn’t actually need you to charge money to become relevant. You have multiple choices in terms of how you want to play – do you want to rely on PvP? Maybe you’re more into mining resources idle and letting the game unfold until you’re strong enough.

No matter what it is, chances are you can do it. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that the graphics are fairly similar to what you have in EVE Echoes. They’re beautiful, realistic, and everything offers a new possibility.

If you’re in a new area of the galaxy, you can look for resources and set up a temporary base. If you want to settle down anywhere, you can do it with just a couple of taps. The only problem is finding that one spot which isn’t heavily mined by the other players! All in all, it’s a beautiful game and if you love sci-fi games, you need to give Infinite Lagrange a shot. We even got a few Infinite Lagrange guides to help you along the way!

Download Infinite Lagrange


OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

Available on: iOS + Android

We love OPUS: Rocket of Whispers, but predecessor OPUS: The Day We Found Earth has more pronounced sci-fi chops. That landed it straight into our list, and for good reason (not that looking great and sounding even better is not reason enough).

It’s a narrative-driven delight that revels in star-gazing and features a charming WALL-E-like robot protagonist. What is there not to love about that? Now when it comes to gameplay, everything is pretty straightforward. You have a beautiful adventure unfolding before your very eyes, so you don’t have to worry about exhausting action and other distracting features.

When playing OPUS: The Day We Found Earth we strongly suggest you just lean back and enjoy the ride. The narrative is touching, so it’s more like reading a live action book instead of playing a game at times.

Download OPUS: The Day We Found Earth



Publisher: Devolver Digital

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Arcade

SpacePlan is actually a clicker game, but that would be an understatement. You do have to tap continuously in order to make the numbers go higher, but you also have to find some rather intriguing space secrets! This casual clicker is great to play anytime, any day, even when you have just 5 minutes of playtime at your disposal.

You can take your time and let the universe unfold at its own rate (which is not too impressive, we have to admit) but hey – it’s the Space Plan all along (I’ll see myself out). Jokes aside, there are some quirky remarks in SpacePlan, including launching your very own potato-based probes.

All in all, it’s a premium title that will put a smile on your face and if you aren’t looking for games with massive action, this is the one you need to play. Just read our SpacePlan review and convince yourself!

Download SpacePlan


Neon Chrome

Publisher: 10tons

Available on: iOS + Android + PS Vita + Switch

Genre: Action, Shooter

Now that we had a few relaxing sci-fi games, it’s time to shift the direction and mention one which takes action to a whole new level. Neon Chrome is a roguelike twin-stick shooter set in a dystopian future dominated by corporations and neon signs. It combines cyberpunk elements with laser battles and much more.

There are shades of Gibson, Bladerunner, The Running Man, Cyberpunk, and a bunch of other sci-fi classics here, so it’s hard to go wrong with a mash of some of the best titles out there. We even have a Neon Chrome review for you, so if you’re up for some next-gen action, you should try this one out.

Its strategic elements combined with beautiful neon visuals make for an incredibly addictive game. See it for yourself!

Download Neon Chrome


EVE Echoes

Developer: NetEase Games

Publisher: NetEase Games

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Multiplayer, RPG

Even in 2022, EVE Echoes can’t be counted out from the best sci-fi game on Android list. It’s still a strong contender, and that’s because EVE Echoes has a well-established player base and a massive legacy to keep. In EVE you can choose a faction and start your space journey, upgrading your ships, trading and building, and even becoming a space pirate – why not?

Players can discover unique space regions, or simply cruise through the galaxy and enjoy the view. We personally love the trading part of the game, which is an alternative that helps players make money. Of course, it takes time and equipment (if you want to go farming for resources), but it’s all worth it. There are many layers to EVE Echoes’ complexity, and they all make it that much more enjoyable.

Oh, and a fun fact? EVE Echoes looks so good that you can take screenshots from literally every angle and they’ll look fabulous. Just give it a shot.

Download EVE Echoes



Developer: Amanita Design

Available on: iOS + Android + Blackberry + PS Vita + Windows Phone + Steam

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

An unexpected guest on our list is Machinarium – but that’s not becaue it’s an out-of-this-world space game (see what I did there?), but rather because it’s a compelling sci-fi story of Joseph who tries to save his girlfriend. Oh, Joseph and his girlfriend are both robots.

In Machinarium, Amanita Games tells a compelling stories without any actual words. Much of its success comes through the richness of its strange sci-fi worlds, such as in this steampunk point-and-click adventure. The world within Machinarium looks like it came from a faraway world. It’s brilliant.

If that was not enough to convince you, make sure to read our Machinarium review too!

Download Machinarium


Hades’ Star

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Multiplayer, Strategy

Hades’ Star is a sprawling sci-fi MMO with mining, colonising, and commerce all built into its framework. The game takes a very clean approach to space, space exploration and the like, and everything (from the menu to the actual worlds) looks extremely clean and well-polished.

When it comes to gameplay, it’s pretty much what you can expect from such a space game – you have to build and expand your very own galactic empire. You have a very similar game to Infinite Lagrange in this one, except a lot simpler in terms of visuals.

Now about the space battles… they are something else. To be fair, they might not be what you might expect. Still, they’re good enough to keep you going for more. There are multiplayer modes in Hades’ Star to keep players busy, and you can team up with other players to collect artifacts, or you can compete against them (it can be both PvE and PvP focused), so there’s something for everyone!

Download Hades’ Star


Black Paradox

Available on: iOS

Genre: Action

A brilliant roguelike shooter with chunky pixel graphics and a classic ’80s sci-fi vibe. Black Paradox takes the R-Type template and blasts it into the stratosphere. With hot pink and blushing orange hues, players can swipe through the galaxy and equip a bunch of lasers meant to blow stuff up.

Black Paradox feels and looks great. In our Black Paradox review we mentioned that there are multiple elements you can upgrade when it comes to your car. All of these upgrades will make you more of a badass, and that’s only the icing on the cake.

The cherry on top comes when you fight bosses. If you have another car, it will pop up to fight beside you (not the lone driver/pilot anymore). Small details like this one make Black Paradox one of the best sci-fi games on Android.

Download Black Paradox


Infinity Ops: Sci-Fi FPS

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Multiplayer, Shooter

Let’s wrap up our best sci-fi games with a bang, shall we? And for that, we’re going to mention a highly immersive FPS set in a cyberpunk world. Of course, we’re talking about Infinity Ops. This brilliant shooter takes place in the far distant future, where technology is no longer limited. Humanity’s knowledge of technology has advanced, and thus enabled a wiiide variety of weaponry.

Players can choose between different classes and assume their role in the team. There are multiple weapons with different skills and a bunch of different game modes that players can jump into. We even have an Infinity Ops beginner’s guide to help you start your journey!

Download Infinity Ops

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