Snoop Dogg Smokes Up To 150 Joints Per Day, Says Personal Blunt Roller

Snoop Dogg Smokes Up To 150 Joints Per Day, Says Personal Blunt Roller

“I do about half a pound a day, which is 75 to 150 joints.”

Snoop Lion exhales a heart shaped cloud of marijuana smoke while doing a Q&A with the audience after the screening of his documentary Reincarnated during the first ever “Green Carpet” event as a part of the High Times US Cannabis Cup at the Fillmore Auditorium.

Photo by Seth McConnell/The Denver Post via Getty Images.

Fans of Snoop Dogg know the California-raised MC has been a fan of marijuana since the start of his career. His personal blunt roller has now confirmed that the rapper can smoke anywhere from 75 to 100 joints per day.

“I calculate it at over 450,000,” Renegade Piranha, Snoop’s personal roller, told Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show (via 1 News) when asked how many joints she’s rolled for the Doggystyle artist since landing the gig.

“I do about half a pound a day, which is 75 to 150 joints,” she added.

Snoop has previously confirmed paying his blunt roller a steady salary of $40K-$50K annually, but claims in June that they received a raise due to inflation.

The “Beautiful” rapper previously spoke of the role during a 2019 interview with Howard Stern, saying he found it necessary to hire a professional weed roller due to “timing.”

“That motherfu**er’s timing is impeccable. That’s his job, his occupation. On his resume, it says, ‘What do you do?’ ‘I’m a blunt roller. P-B-R, professional blunt roller,’” Snoop revealed before adding that the job comes with perks other than a steady paycheck.

“Free weed – all paid expenses. Everything I get, he gets. I go get some free clothes, I give him some,” the “Gin and Juice” artist shared at the time.

While Piranha was not the first person to hold the position, she recalls having a “roll off” with two other potential candidates before the rapper and his entourage decided she deserved job.

“I had a roll off with a sound engineer that works with Snoop, that I guess Snoop kind of recommended, and then a Venezuelan cigar roller who rolls big boy stogies at parties,” she shared on The Review podcast with Yarmacrazy.

“And I smoked them, to say the least, in that competition. So from that day forward, I was the premier blunt roller of the planet – blunt roller to the stars now.” 

Check out her full interview on YouTube here.

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