Successful Funds Recovery

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Providing a way to recover victims of scams on the internet with a positive experience and with speed, People don’t have time to wait for their money to be returned. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and most importantly, it’s a financial burden. The answer is arbitration. We have successfully recovered millions of dollars for people who were scammed on the internet using arbitration methods that are fast, safe and effective. if it that dosnt works, we also work on mediation and litigation to ensure the financial recovery as well. With our wide range of experience in internet fraud, we are able to provide arbitration services, in which a real person is available to contact on behalf of the party seeking assistance, mediation services, which help settle disputes through negotiation and discussion rather than litigation, lastly litigation services, which provide the legal support needed in order to protect a party’s rights and financial interests

We have an invaluable expertise in finance-related matters with most of our work being successful, giving us plenty of experience. We have helped many clients effectively achieve their financial recovery goals by delivering high quality and timely service.


Most people are not quite sure what the process of arbitration is. Some might even be misled into believing it has something to do with court cases. Arbitration is a process whereby the parties engaged into a dispute will choose a third party to act as an arbitrator and make determinations about their disagreement. The arbitrator helps two or more parties reach an agreement on the dispute, which can also be referred to as a tribunal or fact-finding session.


People don't know how to handle disagreements, and legal disputes are expensive Legal mediation is an alternative for civil litigation that could save your self-esteem, time and money. With a trained third party as an impartial moderator, you and the other person in the dispute come together in a safe and supportive environment to talk about your concerns and explore your options for resolving the dispute.


Litigation is a difficult and confusing process and so many steps to take when it comes to going to court. It's hard to know where to start, or what to do if something goes wrong. However with Aemilius Cupero, it will not be difficult to navigate the complex legal system. They can guide you through the entire process, helping you understand what to do. Contact Aemilius Cupero for free consultation and assistance today.