The First FTX Lawsuit Has Arrived

Reading Time: 2 minutes The first FTX lawsuit has appeared, targeting Bankman-Fried and a glut of celebrity promoters The promoters, including Tom Brady and Larry David, are accused of promoting unregistered securities The case doesn’t appear to have much merit, at least at first glance The first of many lawsuits against FTX founder and former […]

Genesis Global Capital Halts Withdrawals

By Mark Hunter 15 hours agoThu Nov 17 2022 10:16:37 Reading Time: 2 minutes Genesis Global Capital yesterday announced that it was halting withdrawals, citing the collapse of FTX The company said last week that the collapse would not affect its business operations This means that Gemini Earn customers’ funds are also stuck Customers of […]

New AWS global accelerator to address healthcare workforce needs

Clinician burnout in a post-pandemic world is a worldwide problem, with scores of clinicians intending to leave the healthcare profession. Not surprisingly, the resulting workforce shortage is already leaving many patients waiting for treatment. Amazon announced a new, global program this week, the AWS Healthcare Accelerator Global Cohort for Workforce Development, that seeks to help address some of today’s healthcare […]

Sustainable Plastics Could Revolutionize Waste Management In Emerging Markets

Governments and companies have signed pledges and bans to limit plastic waste. Recycled packaging could eventually supplant virgin plastic production. Innovative waste-management systems work to transform pollution into added value. Recent studies offer sustainable alternatives to help break down existing waste. As an increasing number of countries ban single-use plastics, waste remains a significant environmental […]