Review: The PRS SE A20E Angelus Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Boasts Versatility and Affordability

From the January/February 2023 issue of Acoustic Guitar | By Kate Koenig PRS Guitars might be most celebrated for its high-end electrics, but in recent years, the company has been offering acoustic players a lot of bang for the buck with its SE Series steel-strings. These flattops are now available in three sizes—Angelus Cutaway, Tonare Grand, and Tonare Parlor—each with […]

No Limbs, No Limit, Only Love: Nick and Kanae Vujicic’s Story Is a Real Beam of Light for Us All

We’re all probably used to reading love stories where a prince meets a beautiful princess, falls madly in love, and lives happily ever after. But today’s story is a unique one. The heroes we’re featuring today are a beautiful young woman and a man with a rare disability who fell in love against all odds and prejudices and built a happy family together. Meet Nick and […]

15+ Objects That Were Designed to Drive Us Crazy

A well-designed object should be aesthetically pleasing but also functional. However, now and then, we come across unusable everyday items that boast impractical shapes or unrealistic sizes. And even though we usually get annoyed or frustrated by these strange designs, we can, instead, choose to view them as precious belongings, as their eccentricity is guaranteed to encourage laughter and curiosity whenever we show them to our friends. 1. The unusable […]