Fungi Protein Association founded to advocate for ‘mushrooming’ new sector

Edible fungi have been consumed by humans for millennia, often unknowingly in fermented products such as leavened bread and fermented juice. But in the late 20th​ century, fungi began its transition into the realm of alternative protein. Perhaps the best-known in this realm is Quorn’s Fusarium venenatum-based mycoprotein, which the UK-headquartered first launched in 1985. […]

‘Dairy is ripe for innovation’: ADM outlines the key trends for dairy, from consumer demands to R&D opportunities

The Chicago-based multi-national identified eight key consumer trends across human, animal and pet nutrition. These include expanded protein choices, balanced wellness, proactive personalization, trust and traceability, social impact, earth-friendly production and experiential eating. The company has found that almost half (49%) of global consumers claim to have adjusted their diet to lead a more sustainable […]

Johnson & Johnson to acquire Abiomed

Johnson & Johnson on Tuesday announced its plans to acquire Abiomed, which develops technologies for heart, lung and kidney support, in a deal worth more than $16 billion.  WHY IT MATTERS The purchase will help to advance the standard of care in heart failure and recovery worldwide, according to Johnson & Johnson.  Abiomed will operate […]