New Trader Joe’s Foods Reviewed: October 2022

New Trader Joe’s Foods Reviewed: October 2022

Autumn Vegetable & White Bean Gratin
The best part of a gratin—arguably, the golden brown breadcrumb crust—is not here. This is a plastic tray of bean and veg mush, heavy on the thyme and cheddar sauce, light on all other flavors. There was a two-inch piece of cauliflower stem in mine, which was like eating a steamed tree stump. Not a repeater.

Organic Maple Vinaigrette
Have you ever been eating a salad and thought: Could use some maple syrup. Well, aren’t you lucky, because this sweet and creamy salad dressing is the answer to your plea. It’s like frosting, for your salad. I think it needed a chile, or tahini, something savory to balance the sweetness (I could’ve added some, instead I just complained). Skip this in favor of the new poppy seed dressing—much better.

Organic Raw Pumpkin Vinegar
In an adorable stout little bottle, we have a seasonal vinegar that’s not pumpkin-spiced, it’s just…pumpkin. Somehow. It’s tart and acidic, and tastes like a nuttier apple cider vinegar. I’ll use it on salad dressings, then forget it ever existed.

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