Learn English: 20 Expressions about Secrets

Learn English: 20 Expressions about Secrets

Okay, what I’m about to tell you ____________________.

doesn’t leave this roomstays in Vegasstays in my mom’s wardrobeis in on it

A: If I tell you something about the boss, will you promise not to tell anyone else?

B: _________________

My lips are sealed.It’s in the vault.Mum’s the word.(all of these are appropriate)

A person who reveals confidential information about his workplace is called a _______________.

whistleblowercatsealliarinformation scientistdeblocker

The police were able to catch the thief because his neighbour ______________.

keeps a cat in a bagmade bean soupratted him outcracked open a secret

Politicians prefer to speak to journalists ____________ when criticizing their own party.

in a secure vaultin Las Vegasinsideoff the record

A: Did you hear that Jeff and Cynthia are having an affair?

B: You just heard about that? It’s been ________ for a while.

an open secreta blown whistlea rat’s bagcracked lips

A: How could you tell Sam my secret?!

B: I’m sorry, it just ___________.


A: What’s going on in the conference room?

B: Well, I guess I can ____________ now that it’s almost official. The owners sold the company.

spill the beanslet you in on itgive it away(all the options are possible)(none of the options work)

After many hours of intense interrogations, the police were finally able to _____________ the witness and find out the location of the bomb.


A: _________ I never liked him.

B: Yeah, me neither. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

Off the record,Between us,For your ears only, but(all of these are possible)(none of these are correct)

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