Kendall Jenner Is Sexy Jessie From ‘Toy Story’ for Halloween

Kendall Jenner Is Sexy Jessie From ‘Toy Story’ for Halloween

Kendall Jenner is certainly not the first to dress as a sexy Jessie from Toy Story for Halloween (ass-less chaps never go out of style), but I have to give her points for attention to detail. Not only does the model’s Pixar-after-dark getup stay faithful to the original cartoon’s details—from the oversized white buttons to the doll-like pigtails—she even included Andy’s iconic wallpaper in the background of the pics she posted to Instagram. 

“well aren’t you just the sweetest space toy,” Jenner captioned her post, which is of course a quote from the Disney film that now sounds very slightly naughty in context. 

Jenner also posted her Halloween costume to her IG Stories, where she has swapped the long-sleeved crop for an even tinier kerchief top and ditched the red wig in favor of her own hair in two braids. Nothing ruins a good Halloween party like a sweaty, itchy scalp, after all.

As the only one of her Kardashian siblings without children of her own, I’m glad Jenner still gets to keep the spirit of Halloween—corrupting children’s characters by making them sexy—pure. Her sisters may not have gone the cartoon-character route, but Kendall Jenner was not the only one of the family to go all out on her costume (or her social media photoshoot). Kylie Jenner, for instance, went as the Bride of Frankenstein, and posted several black and white photos of herself in a few variations of the costume on a recreation of the 1935 film set—just in case the iconic white-striped wig wasn’t enough to indicate who she was supposed to be. 

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