Google Pixel 7 Mini: New information buttresses rumors of a third Pixel model

Google Pixel 7 Mini: New information buttresses rumors of a third Pixel model

The Pixel 7 family could be set for a new entry. (Source: Google)Google’s newly released source code for the Pixel 7 series has now made direct references to two unreleased Pixel models. The first is the upcoming Pixel Fold, the second, however, is more interesting and appears to be a smaller, likely compact Pixel phone.

Word on the grapevine has tipped Google to launch a third Pixel device after the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Those rumors look to have suddenly become substantiated, with new information revealing even more details of the supposed third Pixel phone.

As revealed by Kuba Wojciechowski, Google’s latest source code depository for the Pixel 7 series makes direct references to two upcoming devices, codenamed “Felix” and “Lynx”. The former refers to the Pixel Fold which is expected to debut next year. The latter, though, seems to be for a third Pixel model—perhaps the mythical Pixel 7 Ultra, or a rumored Pixel 7 Mini.

It should be understood that both those monikers are unconfirmed and only used to to refer to what could either be the line-leading Pixel phone, or a model even smaller than the vanilla Pixel 7. The Pixel 7 Ultra has surfaced in multiple leaks over the past few months; the Pixel 7 Mini—on the other hand—has received less attention. According to the released code, “Lynx” will have two cameras with Sony’s IMX712 behind them. One of those will be the ultra-wide-angle camera; the other is tipped to be the selfie shooter. 

Furthermore, “Lynx” will switch from the BCM4389 WiFi/BT chip used on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7, to Qualcomm’s WCN6740. Most interesting, however, is the device’s display panel. Supposedly, “Lynx” will use the “S6E3FC3” family of panels that have found use on non-Pro Pixel models like the Pixel 6, Pixel 7, and Pixel 6a. Contrary to earlier rumors that indicated a 2K display for the Pixel 7 Ultra, this particular display is capped at 1080p. That, in fact, may be the biggest clue as to the identity of “Lynx”, as a potential Pixel 7 Ultra would be unlikely to use a display of worse quality than the Pixel 7 Pro’s. More likely, “Lynx” refers to the compact Pixel 7 Mini. It may, of course, just be next year’s Pixel 7a instead.

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It is definitely a lower end part than the S6E3HCx parts used on the Pixel Pro series. It appears that the chip is capped around 1080p @ 120Hz. This could potentially mean that Lynx is getting a lower resolution panel (perhaps it is the rumoured “mini” Pixel?).

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