Christian McCaffrey Suiting up Against the Chiefs Will be “A Tall Order”

Christian McCaffrey Suiting up Against the Chiefs Will be “A Tall Order”

Christian McCaffrey was on hand for the 49ers’ Friday practice.

His appearance at practice, even if it was limited participation at best, gives him a chance to be available Sunday for when the 49ers take on the Chiefs.

It feels like an enormous stretch that McCaffrey will be able to go on such short notice, but I wouldn’t put it past Kyle Shanahan to have him suit up just for a few plays to give the home crowd an electric roar. Still, it is definitely an uphill challenge to get McCaffrey ready for the game.

“It’s a tall order,” John Lynch said. “We’re going to do what’s right by Christian. What’s right by our team. I do think that’s a tall order, but you know we’ll see how much we can accelerate this. He’s asking to (play). I’ll leave that to the coaches and whatnot to get Christian up to speed, but I do think that it’s a tall order and we’d sure love to have him, but it’s a lot to ask, so we’ll make a very thought out decision on that as well.”

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Initially when the trade occurred, I gave zero chance on McCaffrey playing against the Chiefs. Now I think he will likely play. Shanahan will want him to get that immediate touchdown if the 49ers are ever in a goalline situation. Even giving him a quick screen is something that I could see Shanahan dialing up for him. He probably gets around five snaps Sunday and they all don’t have to be with him getting the ball. Acting as a decoy is another part of the reason why the 49ers wanted him, so expect that to be there.

Just imagine how much the ground will shake at Levi’s Stadium as soon as McCaffrey enters. It will be simply magical that people at home will feel that eruption and think there is an earthquake occurring. The 49ers and their fans will already be fired up to play the Chiefs who spoiled their Super Bowl LIV appearance. It’ll increase exponentially with McCaffrey on the field, especially if he scores or rips off a huge gain.

“That would have to be the coach’s decision,” said McCaffrey. “Preparing to be ready and ready to roll, but that’s not my decision.”

It’s Shanahan’s decision and an easy one for him to make. 

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