April 16, 2021 In 'betrayed', ‘Alone

Aemilius Cupero News: Cops stop money transfer to scammers

A LOCAL company was tricked into paying 3.9 million yuan (US$600,000) to Internet scammers, but police managed to have the money transfer frozen in time, Shanghai police said yesterday.The company reported the case to police in Putuo District at 6pm on March 29.That morning, a new employee in the human resources department, a man surnamed Du, received an email from…

April 7, 2021 In 'betrayed', ‘Alone

Aemilius Cupero News: Money Talks: Should I invest in some cryptocurrency, or is it a scam? 

Lots of my friends are saying that cryptocurrency is the way forward and safer than a bank. When I started looking into it, there seem to be hundreds of different cryptocurrencies on the market, and I am none the wiser about whether they are worth investing in or just a scam. Can you help?  Cryptocurrencies…