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Stay safe by spotting latest ‘British Gas’ scam email

A scam email purporting to be from British Gas is hoodwinking customers out of their hard-earned cash by using their actual personal details. The Daily Star reports the email, which has been in circulation throughout this year, informs customers that they have an overdue bill for a small amount of cash (normally £18.41). It then

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Latest Report Shows Cryptojacking Increased By 30% During The Crypto Slump

The crypto industry is fraught with different malicious actors preying on unsuspecting users, especially the cryptojacking attackers. Many hacks and exploits occur in the industry, targeting crypto firms and individual investors. According to data, crypto scams and exploits in 2022 amounted to $10.3 million from January to June. This shows that the industry is not

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FitEngine Will Give You The Latest And Hottest Fitness Resources in NY

The online wellness and fitness content provider only offers premier resources to residents of New York New York, US, 13th July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The internet is filled with scammers and people claiming to be fitness experts. People can be easily swayed by unreliable and dated resources that can harm their overall health. To address this problem

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Ubisoft’s Latest Galaxy-Brain Move Is To Gift Scammy NFTs To Employees

Image: UbisoftUbisoft’s ongoing NFT odyssey continues to bewilder and demoralize not just longtime fans but also its own developers. The company recently held another workshop aimed specifically at addressing the concerns of skeptical employees, yet also started giving out special NFTs to some members of the Ghost Recon team to “celebrate” the series’ 20th anniversary.…