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CFTC Handles its Biggest Bitcoin-Related Fraud Scheme Worth $1.7 Billion

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), a U.S. federal regulatory agency, charged a South African citizen and a global foreign currency commodity pool with alleged fraud and registration violations worth nearly $2 billion in BTC. Fraudulent Scheme Raked in $1.7 Billion in Bitcoin According to a press release on Thursday (June 30, 2022), the CFTC

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India’s Biggest Crypto Scam Could Be Larger Than Earlier Estimated (Report) 

India’s biggest crypto fraud to date continues to throw up new details, extending the size and scope of the scam even four years after the case first came to light. Earlier, the police estimated that the GainBitcoin scam involved about 80,000 BTC, but now they suspect the number to be anywhere between 385,000 to 600,000

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Britain’s biggest bank issues ‘urgent warning’ over new scam

Britain’s largest bank has issued an urgent warning following a spike in a new scam targetted at those struggling with the cost of living. Lloyds Bank said it had seen a 90pc surge in so-called “advance fee” frauds in which scammers pose as a legitimate firm and demand money upfront for a loan. Victims have…

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13 Biggest Cryptocurrency Scams In History

Source: oobit.com People appear to have been defrauding each other since the dawn of time, at least since the beginning of recorded history. Every discovery and technological advancement seems to have increased scams. Cryptography has not been an exception. With the introduction of bitcoin, it became clear how simple it was to clone reputable projects’…