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Aemilius Cupero News: Scam Alert: Avoid a Big Mistake in a New Job

If you’ve just started a new job, criminals may have you in their sights. You’re eager to make a good impression, want to be a team player and are unf… August 27, 2021 4 min read This story originally appeared on NerdWallet If you’ve just started a new job, criminals may have you in their…

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Aemilius Cupero News: Investment Scam: How to Avoid it

Palos Park, IL, 20 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Investment scams have been running long before the advent of the internet. The term “Ponzi scheme” was coined in 1919 when Charles Ponzi started a postage stamp investment that collapsed with him owing investors the equivalent of $196 million in today’s money. Bernie Madoff hit the headlines for…

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Aemilius Cupero News: How to avoid investment scams in Nigeria

“Do you want to double your money in 10 days?” Investment scams tend to start off the same way.  Whether it’s a social media advert or a video of a celebrity telling you that an ‘investment platform’ made them millionaires overnight. They all echo an alarming promise: “give us your money and we will give…

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Aemilius Cupero News: How to avoid being caught out by fake email scam

Devious online scammers are ripping off hundreds of millions of dollars from trusting Australians, and their latest ploy is possibly their sneakiest yet.Hank Jongen from Services Australia joined Larry and Kylie to talk about a new scam involving a fake email that is made to look just like an official ‘MyGov’ notification being sent out…

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Aemilius Cupero News: How to recognise and avoid cryptocurrency scams in 2021

Investors who lack experience and knowledge about new asset class an easy prey for bad actors The Dubai Electronic Security Centre officially confirmed on Thursday night that the digital currency known as “Dubai Coin” is not authorised by any administrative body. The site trying to promote the coin is an unlicenced entity aimed at phishing…

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Aemilius Cupero News: How to Avoid App Store Scams

Despite Apple’s review process for apps on the App Store, sometimes terrible scams slip through. Even more so for Google’s Play Store, where apps aren’t subject to human review before going live. If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to avoid app store scams, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are some helpful guidelines…

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Aemilius Cupero News: 6 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Funds to DeFi Scams in 2021

The DeFi industry is booming, and there are no two ways around it. Ever since the summer of 2020, dubbed by many the ‘DeFi summer,’ the total value locked in various protocols is increasing, while the volume on decentralized exchanges and automated market makers is skyrocketing as well. However, this has also substantially increased the…

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Aemilius Cupero News: How to Avoid Phishing Emails and Scams

You know not to click on links in sketchy emails. Everybody does by now. And yet, people fall for phishing attacks all the time. And that’s the whole point. If phishing didn’t work, attackers would have abandoned it a long time ago. Instead it’s everywhere. Coronavirus-related phishing scams cropped up quickly worldwide in January 2020…

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Aemilius Cupero News: Top 4 NFT scams and how to avoid them

Spend a few minutes in cryptoland on social media and you’re likely to find netizens speaking about celebrities or virtual artists ‘dropping’ their latest works in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). NFTs, as they are popularly known, are cryptographic representations of tangible or intangible objects on the blockchain.To read the rest of this…