Best Black Friday TV deals: Nov. 24

Best Black Friday TV deals: Nov. 24


The best Black Friday TV deals are rolling in fast and furious. We’ve curated the best TV deals for you to choose from, mixing in a surprising number of high-end OLED TV deals.

We scan all the top online retailers for the best TV sales, and then cherry-pick the best values. Our method is simple: Based on our list of the best TVs, we find the best TVs available at the steepest discounts, looking for a variety of price points and technologies. This includes top-echelon OLED TV deals, all listed below in the “premium” deals section.

TechHive’s straightforward explanation of what TV sizes matter, TV display types and display technologies, and LCD backlighting tech can help inform your choices from what we’ve uncovered. Also, if you’re looking for deals in other tech categories, check out PCWorld’s complete Black Friday coverage.

Best Black Friday budget TV deals

Amazon 50-inch 4K Fire TV: $249.99 (47% off at Amazon)TCL 55-inch 55S41 4K HDR Roku TV: $188.00 (36% off at Walmart)Toshiba 50-inch C350 4K Smart Fire TV: $259.99 ($40% off at Amazon)Hisense 55-inch A65H Google TV: $239.99 at Costco Samsung 60-inch TU690T 4K Smart TV: $399.99 (27% off at Best Buy)Best Black Friday premium TV deals

LG 48-inch A2 OLED 4K TV: $569.99 (56% off at Best Buy)Sony 55-inch Bravia 4K OLED Google TV: $999.99 (47% off at Best Buy)Sony 65-inch XR65X90K 4K Full Array LED Smart Google TV: $998.00 (33% off at Amazon)Hisense 65-inch U7H ULED TV: $698.00 (33% off at Amazon)LG 65-inch 4K Smart OLED TV (OLED65C1PUB), $1,296.99 (38% off at Newegg)Sony 65-inch BRAVIA XR 4K OLED HDR Google TV, $2,999.99 (25% off at Best Buy)We’re seeing the discounts on Amazon’s Fire TVs we’ve come to expect. The Toshiba C350 at Amazon is at an all-time low, and our budget TV picks are basically a collection of smart 4K TVs at various sizes, with some basic HDR technology to boot.

OLED TVs are known for their deep, inky blacks, and we really think that the Sony 55-inch Bravia OLED from Best Buy offers what you want: a sizeable TV with a premium display technology at a steep discount. But if you want a smaller model, the LG A2 is way cheaper! LG’s C-Series at Newegg is a superb upgrade, and is rated exceptionally highly by numerous publications.

The Samsung TU690T display prioritizes screen size. Sony’s 4K Full Array XR65X90K is priced a bit higher, but its full-array local dimming is a compromise between an LED-lit TV and OLED, and will simply look a bit better than the other budget TVs—it’s also at an all-time low price.

We also like the Hisense U7H, as it offers local dimming, a 120Hz refresh rate, and has some newer features that include an absolutely brilliant backlight that can improve HDR viewing.

FAQ 1.

What should I look for in a Black Friday TV?

Size matters. Most people probably want to buy a 50-inch TV or larger for their living room or family room. We encourage you to review TechHive’s straightforward explanation of what TV sizes matter, TV display types and display technologies, and LCD backlighting tech.

The short answer, though, is to buy the biggest TV that you feel comfortable with. Second, focus on backlighting. Most TVs use LEDs, but more advanced TVs use QLED or miniLED, and the very best models use OLED display tech. Most eyes can notice the improvements offered by OLED TVs, notably inky blacks and more vibrant, richer colors. Also look for HDR (High Dynamic Range), a technology that further improves color richness and brightness, giving you more of a movie-like experience. Most TVs now ship with HDR10, but an HDR10+ display (such as HDR400) will deliver a brighter display and better contrast. It’s something your eyes will appreciate.

Finally, you’ll want to pay attention to smart features that connect your TV to a streaming video interface, either via a Roku interface or Google/Android TV. Each platform allows you quick access to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, etc. It really depends on your preference, and whether you want to avoid using, say, the additional remote of an Apple TV box.

You do not need the latest technology, and our picks represent what we consider to be the best value, without asking you to pay several hundred dollars for incremental improvements.


Are Black Friday TV deals worth it?

Traditionally, the best TV deals happen right around the Super Bowl in late January or early February. But TVs are often heavily discounted around Black Friday, as well. It’s our job to help you find the best Black Friday TV deals. We scan all retail websites, and only recommend Black Friday TVs that we’d be happy to have in our own homes, and achieve true discount status.


Where can I find Black Friday TV reviews?

PCWorld doesn’t review TVs, but we work closely with the editors of TechHive, one of our sister sites, which does review TVs on a regular basis. For exacting reviews of all the top TVs, check out TechHive’s rankings of the best TVs of 2022.


When is Black Friday?

Officially, Black Friday begins Friday, Nov. 25 2022. But as we share above: Black Friday TV deals have already begun.

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