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There’s More Light Than Darkness on Mary Gauthier’s ‘Dark Enough to See the Stars’

From the November/December 2022 issue of Acoustic Guitar | By Kenny Berkowitz Dark Enough to See the Stars is what we call a happy album for Mary Gauthier—the happiest album in her career, recorded at the happiest time in her life. At 60, she’s enjoying a four-year relationship with Jaimee Harris, relishing a post-pandemic return to touring, and writing songs […]

CompassIntel Launches Program to Include Automotive Tech Research, Advisory, and Awards Program

San Antonio, TX, December 06, 2022 –(– Today, December 6, 2022, Compass Intelligence announces the official launch of and a range of new services and programs targeted around automotive innovation and the technology advancements in electric and autonomous transportation. Services and programs being launched will revolve around market insights, industry trending, innovative vendors, industry feedback […]

Explosive New Documentary “Trump’s Rosebud” Explains Donald Trump’s Rise to the White House Through Lens of “Citizen Kane”

Princeton, NJ, December 06, 2022 –(– A new documentary, “Trump’s Rosebud” uncovers the controversial former President Donald Trump’s early dreams to make it big in Hollywood and shows through the lens of “Citizen Kane” how his relentless ambition and media savvy led him into the White House. The film features a slate of public figures who’ve […]