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Our legal and non-legal personnel confer the viable explication for your reimbursement from all illegitimate investment offers over the web. Our endowed affiliations globally omnisciently seek your interest and attitudinally employ requisite acumen to reduce all possibilities of exoneration and establish the wrongful intentions of the defendant.

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We have set a precedent in the industry with anteceding 24x7 Chat and Call Support at all 365 days. We believe in absolute operational candor and professional rectitude. It keeps us in congruence with our ethics since the provenance of our services.

International Reach

Our ecumenical presence offers specific options for apposite legal recourse for financial recovery interests to the uttermost representation. Our clientele need not honor any caveat notice or attend the proceedings anywhere globally. Our hundreds of affiliates located in every jurisdiction in question or any other domain wherein your suit(s) are yet to be entertained.


We are an international investigative firm that specialized in monetary recovery; We have an intelligence-gathering team that hunts down subterrene information about unregulated businesses who are involved in frauds and illegal activities. We have served clients across the globe to retrieve millions of dollars. The solicitors we work with have yet to fail a case using the intelligence we provide.


‘Aemilius Cupero’ is a consulting firm committed to serving aggrieved clients in investment fraud/scams and consumer class action cases such as Binary Options, Forex, Cryptos, ICO’s, etc. Through vigorous investigation strategies, critical analyses of the facts and law applicable to each case, and exemplary legal writing, we represent our clients’ interests as if they were our own. Anything less is not acceptable to us, nor should it be acceptable to our clients. 

‘Aemilius Cupero’ proudly states that our lawyers in the network have had many tremendous successes assisting clients to recover funds and assets wrongfully taken from them, including judgments and recoveries valued in millions in the past few years only. Every case is different, and those results do not necessarily foreshadow what we might obtain for you in your case. 

Our team at the core, per se, would love to examine your case, which is followed by a rigorous investigation to a deliberative degree. We solicit our clients to achieve their resonated lost valuable assets at earliest, in most cases, with the penalty which is secured for the fraudulent individuals or entity.

Let us know if we can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and let our experts scrutinize your case for no cost whatsoever.

For our efforts, our team has received many accolades of the highest order in the recovery profession. We’ve been featured in many newspapers, magazines, and on television. Our core value at ‘Aemilius Cupero’ is, to restore the assets deceivingly taken from affected clients by influence and misrepresentation wrongfully.

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