ABBA Launches the Platform to End Unethical Business Practices and Enforce Transparency and Accountability All Over Africa

ABBA Launches the Platform to End Unethical Business Practices and Enforce Transparency and Accountability All Over Africa

Windhoek, Namibia, October 29, 2022 –(– Namibia-based Africa Better Business Agency (ABBA), the only Body in Africa that is advancing trust, transparency, and integrity in cross-border business transactions and intra-state trading on the African continent has officially launched its powerful web based application at

A premier Business Intelligence System (BIS) with a mission to advance trust and transparency in cross-border business transactions, intra-state trade, provision of services and general commercial activities throughout Africa, ABBA insists on a “no compromise” to business standards that eliminate unethical practices all over Africa.

Built as a Centralized Autonomous System (CAS) for accreditation of all individual sellers, SMEs and large enterprises operating in Africa, ABBA leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to deliver innovative solutions needed to implement and advance a trustworthy marketplace for all of Africa.

According to Mr. David Kinabiro, ABBA Country General Manager in Uganda, “ABBA provides relevant data which is aimed to help over 800 million people from all over Africa, who spend money on goods and services each day, through business transactions with different sellers and service providers in different parts of the Continent to make informed decision at the point of every transaction.”

The global crises brought about by natural disasters, wars, plagues and climate change have collectively dealt a big blow to the world’s economies. This has created panic and an ever increasing desperation for survival.

This desperate need to survive has brought a negative side to how people do business in the marketplace, with different unethical practices, irresponsibility, lack of integrity and lack of transparency in their transactions.

“With ABBA, sellers all over Africa will always get paid in full for goods that are sold and buyers everywhere on the Continent will no longer lose monies paid for goods which never get delivered, or substandard items they never actually aid to buy,” Julius T. Gbayange, ABBA VP, Chief Product Officer states excitedly.

In addition, anyone in Africa can report a company or any erring business entity that puts out a misleading advertising which only aims to defraud and is not backed up by real customer satisfaction as claimed.

In addition, a customer who got badly treated at a store while shopping, has the right to file a complaint against that store on ABBA. This records of customer complaints on ABBA will stand to speak against that particular store tomorrow as a friendly warning to other potential buyers who wish to do business with them.

ABBA has as its mantra: “Before you pay for anything anywhere in Africa, first search and verify the seller on ABBA at to avoid disappointment.” This helps buyers to make informed decisions before paying for goods and services.

If it becomes clear that this particular store treats customers shabbily, it is only natural that potential customers will avoid dealing with them and that store will start to lose business as a result. It is only a change of their attitude and approach towards their customers that will restore trust and improve their business success.

ABBA has come to change the way we see business done today in Africa, while working to protect the interest of all parties in every transaction – whether they are sellers or buyers, service providers or users of such services. ABBA is for everyone in Africa.

About ABBA

Founded in June 2022 and based in Windhoek, Namibia, Africa Better Business Agency (ABBA) is Africa’s fastest growing Business Intelligent System (BIS) whose mission is to advance trust and transparency in cross-border transaction and intra-state trading in Africa.

For inquiries, contact:

Julius T. Gbayange,
VP, Chief Products Officer,

WhatsApp: +234-802-329-3022
Email: [email protected]

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