31 Products That’ll Switch Up Your Daily Routine (In A Good Way)

31 Products That’ll Switch Up Your Daily Routine (In A Good Way)


A Luv Scrub mesh body exfoliator that stretches up to 50 inches, aka back scrubs will no longer require contortionist-worthy flexibility. Skin smoother than any baby’s rear end is yours for the taking with this pink shower must-have.

Emma Lord / BuzzFeed

Luv Scrub is a Black woman-owned business founded by Caroline Owusu-Ansah, who is introducing people to West African methods of mesh exfoliation one customer at a time. This product is so popular it’s often sold out, so go go go!

“I’m so obsessed with this exfoliator that I’m just choosing to forget all the years I lived without it. First of all, it suds up my body wash like nobody’s business — I probably have to use about a quarter as much of it now to get really sudsy good coverage. It’s flexible and extendable, which makes it ridiculously easy to reach places all over my body, in particular my shoulders and back. You can bunch it up to your preferred thickness if you want more of a light exfoliation or a deeper one in different places of your body. As someone who has had bumpy and rough skin on my arms, I noticed a MASSIVE difference in the smoothness of my skin from the very first use. I also just love the pop! of pink in my shower, it makes me happy to look at it.” —Emma Lord

Get it from Luv Scrub for $18 and shop all of their colors here.

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