May 19, 2022 In Blue-Chip, Green

This Is How Seth Green Lost His Blue-Chip NFTs

The famous actor and web3 enthusiast Seth Green lost four blue-chip NFTs this week. Hackers stole his collectibles after Green entered a scam GutterCats clone site. Now the collector is asking the NFT community not to buy his digital assets until he can recover them.

image of actor and NFT collector Seth Green drinking coffee
The popular actor and producer Seth Green has lost four valuable NFTs in another phishing attack. Credits: Twitter

How did Seth Green lose his blue-chip NFTs?

The story began 9 days ago when Green was browsing what he thought was a GutterCats site. Unfortunately, the platform was a scam; as a result, Green became the victim of a phishing attack.

The hackers stole four of his most valuable NFTs:

  • Bored Ape #8398
  • Mutant Ape #9964
  • Mutant Ape #19182
  • Doodle #7546

The digital assets have a total value of over $300K. What’s worse, Seth Green noticed that he lost his NFTs 9 days after the actual incident.

Of course, he immediately shared the news with the Twitter NFT community. The actor is asking traders to avoid buying the stolen collectibles:

Twitter screenshot of a message by Seth Green on his lost NFTs
Seth Green shared the news of his lost NFTs via Twitter on May 17th. Credits: Twitter

In addition, Green explained that he is usually “crazy careful” when it comes to his digital wallets:

“I’m crazy careful with separate wallets and security but still got caught. Luckily it’s art, not crypto so they can be traced. For anyone that bought them, we can work something out.”

However, some NFT community members disagreed with the actor. For instance, user @notsurpluz pointed out that Green used a wallet holding his most valuable NFTs for minting. Meanwhile, others empathize with the actor’s situation, offering their help.

Will OpenSea stop trading the lost NFTs?

In the same tweet, Seth Green asked the OpenSea marketplace to stop trading the stolen NFTs. At this moment, the platform didn’t reply to the message. Considering its history of poor communication skills, Green may never get an answer.

For example, OpenSea stopped responding to the victims of its huge delisting bug back in February. The incident allowed hackers to steal NFTs worth thousands of dollars. Of course, the marketplace offered compensations to the victims – but some of them allegedly never heard from the team!

At this moment, the company is exploring new features that might eradicate fake NFTs on the marketplace. This issue has been affecting content creators for quite a while now. To illustrate, the marketplace will verify each badge application more thoroughly than ever before.

Until he gets a reply from OpenSea, Seth Green desperately hopes that the NFT community will help him recover his precious digital assets.

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