March 12, 2022 In busted, Serial

Jake Paul Busted Over $2.2M Serial Crypto Scams by Coffeezilla


Since the SafeMoon class-action lawsuit, Jake Paul has been beneath the radar. He joins many celebrities, including Nick Carter, Soulja Boy, and Lil Yachty, who has called for a jury trial.

Coffeezilla’s freshly unearthed proof will once again bring Jake into the limelight. According to the suit, these celebrities made fraudulent or misleading claims to investors concerning SafeMoon.

Jake’s promotions on Twitter were not labeled as ‘Sponsored,’ according to Coffeezilla. This is a blatant breach of the advertising guidelines of several sites.

Coffeezilla puts Jake Paul under the radar

Coffeezilla decided to delve deeper into Jake’s other projects in the middle of the litigation and commotion. Sacred Devils, Yummy, Milf, and STICKDIX (Jake’s personal NFT project) are among these projects.

Coffeezilla made a comprehensive video on how he conducted his investigation and gathered all the evidence.

He stated that the most challenging aspect of the inquiry was tracing Jakes’ transactions. Even though “everything on the blockchain is trackable and publicly accessible,” he stated.

At the same time, anyone may build an anonymous crypto wallet, further complicating the procedure. Creating anonymous wallets, he claims, poses a complex problem.

Fake wallets make it easier to trace inexperienced influencers. More experienced con artists, on the other hand, are better at concealing their ownership and siphoning off funds “anonymously.”
The main reason for this is that they can generate hundreds of anonymous wallets.

“Jake Paul is sort of in the middle,” Coffeezilla added. He isn’t as stupid as you think he is, but he isn’t as bright as he believes he is.”

The first step in Coffeezilla’s inquiry was to go into his public wallet, “yourmom169.” Jake was paid 39.9 ETH for his Sacred Satan advertising scheme.

Jake duped his community into purchasing sacred devil NFTs, which resulted in complete losses for the purchasers.

Jake Paul led the NFT project STICKDIX, which earned over $1.5 million. Coffeezilla pushed further to locate additional intriguing facts, even though this information is readily available to the general public.

SafeMoon assisted Coffeezilla in busting Jake by using blockchain research and detecting similar scammy practices.

He was looking for a $190,000 transaction from SafeMoon that had been transferred to Jake Paul’s wallet address. MILF and Yummy transactions were linked to the same wallet.

According to the transaction information, Jake Paul defrauded his community for nearly $2.2 million. With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency, celebrities entice their fans to acquire dodgy tokens to push up their value before dumping them and leaving them with nothing.