February 4, 2022 In Blockchain, Welups

Welups Blockchain Shows Promising Roadmap and Breakthrough Strategy 2022

There is an increasing number of online fraud and scam in many industries. In order to reduce risk and scam, every individual needs to be identified through blockchain technology. This idea made the Welups Blockchain team to provide Identity Blockchain ecosystem to the users to reduce the risk of fraud and scams. In addition, the ever growing Welups platform encompasses a promising roadmap backed by a team of Industry Experts.

Notably, trusted digital identities allow a person or device to prove that they are the one accessing a service, and thus allow for seamless digital interactions. The Welups Blockchain platform has grown multiple folds and has strong community support throughout each development phase.

The firm holds a robust roadmap to continue as an industry leader and bring advanced and reliable services and products to its users. With a successful campaign so far over the years, its upcoming roadmap is even more promising.

As early as 2019-2021, the corporation successfully completed Mainnet 1.0’s core chain. Explorers, wallets, and exchanges all saw considerable growth in the same year, followed by an API library for developers. Decentralized social networks and digital banking were created, and users could make the most of these services.

In the current year, the Welups firm plans to construct a blockchain generational bridge for Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, and Tron, among other cryptocurrencies. New NFT apps such as Asset cryptography and GameFi will be created following the bridge development. Verifying the legitimacy of users and assets is already a specialty of the team, and it will be taken to new heights with such action. It will also be the year when Mainnet 2.0, the core chain identifier, makes its premiere, thus enhancing the processing speed and security.

Blockchain technology developed by Welups strives to enhance the global decentralized identity platform through its dedication and constantly evolving approach. Mainnet 3.0, which will enable quicker processing and the deployment of new consensus methods as the blockchain ecosystem develops, will go live in the coming years.

A smart city model is in the pipeline and will be created utilizing blockchain, big data, and crypto. The entire project will be AI-based. Considering the roadmap and the experienced team behind Welups, it is sure to transform and set a new benchmark in the blockchain sector.

The Welups foundation plans to launch the ‘Outside the Block (OTB)’ conference. To support the breakthrough strategy: OTB offers benefits to all partners to reach other partners’ communities without spending much of their efforts; the weekly AMA series allows partners to better explain their products/services to the audience.

OTB powers the visions and expertise of various Fintech Experts/Blockchain Enthusiasts. Our conference is sponsored by Welups Foundation, one of our strategic partners is Omanee Corporation.

In addition, OTB – AMA Live Stream Series will begin on February 5, 2022. Despite the fact that the speakers will cover different sections, the main focus of the event should be all about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, DeFi, GameFi, NFT, E-commerce, Fintech, or any other technologies, as well as financial services.

With the upcoming developments with the Welups Blockchain, the project will definitely reach new heights soon.