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Video Of How DKB Dealt With A Momo Scammer By Getting On His Nerves

Aemilius Cupero News:

Aemilius Cupero News: Comedian DKB has dealt with a momo scammer the right way by getting on his nerves making fun of his spelling in an attempt to scam him 1000.00 this Christmas season.

The scammer was obviously looking for someone to scam this festive season to be able to send the Christmas really well instead of working hard but then he chose the wrong person because DKB gave him what he deserves.

DKB gave the scammer a listening ear to hear all that he has to say despite knowing he was about to scam him leading him on by going through the text message he sent him, then giving him a shot when he saw a mistake in the message he sent.

DKB then asked him why he didn’t spell a word correctly in the message he sent and the scammer claimed the message was from MTN which made the whole thing funny when DKB asked which worker at MTN will do such wrong spelling.

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He then defended MTN workers saying there’s no one working there who will make the mistake of spelling wrongly while sending a message to a customer when he noticed another mistake in the message and this got on the nerves of the scammer who ended the call immediately.

Now DKB has given us another way to deal with these scammers by checking the message they sent very well and making fun of them with the little mistake they make in the message since they don’t have the patience to drag with you.

video below;