December 16, 2021 In Timeshare, Users

Timeshare Users Group Marketplace reaches $53 Million in Successful Timeshare Resales & Rentals

If you want to sell or rent a Timeshare without being scammed the TUG online marketplace is the answer for you going on 28 years!

No large upfront fees or commissions, just happy Timeshare owners! Every Timeshare sold or rented via the Timeshare Users Group Online Marketplace is commission free! We prove year in and year out that owners can sell and rent their own timeshares without paying large upfront fees and without being scammed! 

Many Companies in this industry make bold claims about their success, Timeshare Users Group is the only one that publishes that data!

Providing owners the ability to instantly create a Timeshare resale or rental listing in minutes in the TUG marketplace it has never been easier to get your Timeshare in front of tens of thousands of potential buyers and renters all without paying large upfront fees!

If your goal is to sell or rent a timeshare, you will find no better place to do it than the Timeshare Users Group!  In addition to our successful marketplace, The TUG online owner discussion forums and advice articles are completely free and open to the public to allow you to learn how the resale and rental market works, as well as how to determine what your Timeshare is worth!

For any Timeshare owner considering selling or renting their ownership, you can visit our marketplace right here to browse   Timeshare Resales  & Timeshare Rentals and see why TUG leads the industry in providing solutions for owners that dont involve large upfront fees!

The most common scams in this industry all target timeshare owners and rely on convincing you to pay a large upfront fee to sell/rent or otherwise get rid of your Timeshare.  Those lucky owners who find TUG discover they can successfully sell or rent themselves and keep all of that money in their pockets!

We guarantee that every single owner that comes to Timeshare Users Group will get the help and information they need to make an educated and informed decision!  There is a reason the most common phrase we hear from folks who find us is:

“I wish I would have known about TUG before I bought my first Timeshare”!

About Timeshare Users Group

The Timeshare Users Group (TUG) was the very first Timeshare website on the internet and has been Providing the truth about timeshares to owners for over 28 years!

Started in 1993 by a group of Timeshare Owners just like yourself, is a family run self-help organization providing an unbiased source of consumer oriented information and advice on Timeshares and the Timeshare concept. Here at TUG you get the truth about timeshares for FREE!

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