December 8, 2021 In Belfort, Jordan

Jordan Belfort joins NFT Rally via huge Twitter announcement

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 Jordan Belfort


The man, also called The Wolf Of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, has recently changed his stance on Bitcoin after the recent turn of events. Back in 2017, he called ICOs a “scam” and said that they were “far worse than anything I was ever doing.” But it seems that the former critique of the platform has now turned into an investor.

In a recent tweet, Jordan Belfort, the name behind the famous movie “Wolf of Wall Street,” said that he would be joining the NFT industry and bought CryptoPunk #6033. Thereafter, the motivational speaker and convicted stock fraudster is now planning to buy the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Recently, Jordan Belfort claimed that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 soon. After criticizing Bitcoin and ICOs by saying they reminded him of his scamming days, the Wolf has now turned pro-crypto, stating that he would never leave the NFT industry.

Jordan Belfort is not the only NFT supporter

Jordan Belfort is not the only person looking to capitalize on the booming NFT industry. Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, also entered the NFT industry and is even launching the Coinbase NFT platform.

On the other hand, JP Morgan Chase, the bank known for its anti-Bitcoin stance, has also started accepting payments in Bitcoin. But, the bank continues to criticize Bitcoin and the crypto industry, considering it worthless post-regulation.

The entire NFT industry has been creating a lot of buzz in the media. Recently, Creatd announced that it is getting ready for its second NFT drop, starting at 240 ETH. It will be featuring a young Donald Trump, signing the breasts of a model.

We have also witnessed the sale of the most expensive NFT project, the Boonji Project. Furthermore, celebrities like The Weeknd, Mila Kunis, Katy Perry, Eminem, and many others have entered the NFT industry. Even Reddit is looking to expand into the NFT industry, as previously reported by TronWeekly.

These developments in the NFT industry have made investors believe that regulating cryptocurrencies won’t stop the NFT industry from expanding and taking over.