December 4, 2021 In Domestic, helper

Domestic helper arrested for allegedly aiding phone scams targeting elderly women

Hong Kong police arrested a domestic worker Tuesday for her alleged role in two phone scams in September.

In both cases, the first on Sept. 6 and the second on Sept. 9, the victims—elderly women—received a phone call from a fraudster, and were made to believe that their son had been arrested while drunk. They were told that sums of HK$111,000 (US$14,131) and HK$100,000 (US$12,846) respectively were needed for cash bail.

Falling for the scams, the victims followed instructions and went to Kowloon Walled City Park, where they handed the money over to a woman. The woman then remitted the money to a mainland Chinese bank account.

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The victims only realized they had been tricked days later, and reported the incidents to police.

An Indonesian domestic helper, 52, was arrested in Wong Tai Sin Tuesday. Clothes she wore during the meet-ups, as well as remittance receipts, were found at the apartment. She does not have a criminal record.

Police investigation suggests that the woman was recruited to help with the scams in exchange for “a few thousand dollars,” Kowloon East chief inspector Mok Tsz-wai said in a press conference.