June 10, 2021 In Religious, teacher

Aemilius Cupero News: Religious teacher in Melaka falls prey to love scammer

Aemilius Cupero News:

MELAKA: A religious teacher from Alor Gajah lost RM78, 000 in a love scam.

The 49-year-old single mother was duped by a man she had befriended on Facebook in early May.

Melaka Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief Supt E. Sundra Rajan said the man told the victim he had sent her some costly items shortly after getting acquainted.

“The victim constantly received romantic messages from the scammer to woo her,” he said on Thursday(June 10).

Supt Sundra said on May 28, the victim was contacted by an individual claiming to be from a courier service.

He said the victim was told that her acquaintance had sent her the gifts but she had to settle taxes before claiming the parcel.

Supt Sundra added that the victim then transferred the money into three separate bank accounts between May 28 to June 8.

“After a while, the victim became suspicious and realised that she had been duped and lodged a police report at the Alor Gajah police headquarters on Wednesday (June 9), ” he said.

Supt Sundra said the case is being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code which provides a jail term of between one and 10 years with whipping and a fine upon conviction.

“Love scams continue to be one of the most frequently reported cyber-crime cases despite awareness alerts in the mass media,” he added.