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Aemilius Cupero News: Covid shots for Bitcoins? It’s a scam, warn doctors

Aemilius Cupero News:

BENGALURU: Even before the Centre has started supply of Covid shots to states, there have been instances of multiple ‘vaccines’ being allegedly offered or administered to high-profile individuals in exchange for Bitcoins, according to several doctors.
Requesting anonymity, the doctors said they have been getting calls from VIP patients wanting to know whether these vaccines offered by certain dealers are genuine and can be taken. The doctors said they could not ascertain the source, make, price, brand and authenticity of the vaccine doing the rounds in the black market. Consumption of any drug not allowed for sale in the country is illegal, a doctor said.
“Accessing Covid vaccine through non-governmental agencies is unethical in India. We are urging patients to not fall for such traps, as the drug’s safety and efficacy can never be known,” said a doctor in Bengaluru. The Private Hospitals’ and Nursing Homes’ Association confirmed the trend and advised people against accessing the vaccine via black markets. Doctors have raised concerns that the content of products sold in the name of Covid vaccines may have nothing to do with Covid at all.


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