20+ Stars Who Don’t Need Romantic Relationships to Have a Strong Bond

20+ Stars Who Don’t Need Romantic Relationships to Have a Strong Bond

Most of the time, on-screen couples have chemistry that flies off the charts. That’s why we couldn’t help but hope they’d end up together in real life. Some of movie couples actually gave it a shot and found the jackpot in love. However, there were others who put romance aside and discovered that friendship was even more precious to them.

1. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio

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It seems that the duo became star-crossed lovers after the premiere of Titanic, but it wasn’t just on-screen where their love for each other endured. Today, both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are still gushing over their 25-year friendship.

Despite being in their respective relationships, they still find time to catch up and hang out. “I’ve known him for half my life. It’s not as if I’ve found myself in New York or he’s been in London and there’s been a chance to have dinner or grab a coffee and a catch-up,” Winslet shared.

2. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler

The comedic pair couldn’t get enough of each other, so they kept reuniting and starring in romcoms — 3, in fact. Though they never ended up together despite their on-screen chemistry, that didn’t stop Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler from becoming close friends. “We have made 3 films now over the course of 20 years and I love him today as much as ever,” Barrymore fondly shared.

3. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

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Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper may be considered ultimate “work spouses,” having starred in 4 movies together, and 3 out of the 4 of them earned Lawrence Academy Award nominations and an Oscar. Still, they continue to put on a good show and are happy with their respective partners.

Though this may sadden “BradLaw” fans, the 2 still dote on each other off-screen. “There is a subtle and spontaneous chemistry between us. We understand each other very well, despite our age difference, and I’ve always been impressed by her artistic maturity,” Cooper shared.

4. Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman

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Both big stars in the ’90s and early 2000s, Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman started their friendship on and off-screen 20 years ago. This truly reflects their will-they-won’t-they chemistry from their 3 movies together. But when the cameras stop rolling, Aniston is still there to hang out with Bateman and their families. “[Jason is] like family that I actually have a really good relationship with,” Aniston shared.

5. Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak

Another couple fans of The Office continue to root for, Mindy Kailing and B.J. Novack started as fussy co-workers-turned-lovers on-screen who turned out to be real-life friends who’ve been supportive of each other even after the finale of the TV series. “It’s really fun to be her BFF. It is a fantastic relationship with a lot of shorthand. I feel so lucky that I get a brilliant text from Mindy Kaling, like, once an hour,” Novak shared.

6. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

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Their portrayal of an engaged couple in The Proposal was so convincing that it sparked rumors of them dating in real life. Romance aside, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds decided it’s better to celebrate their friendship over the years.

“I think there will be a collective sigh amongst women in the United States when I say he’s not my lover, he’s just an amazing friend I’ve had for 10 years. And I hope there are more friendships like that,” Bullock shared of Reynolds.

7. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

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Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling kept serving their romance with chemistry through the roof every time they appeared on-screen together. Fans wish they had ended up a real-life couple. However, they’re already happily married to their spouses, but this doesn’t stop them from speaking highly of each other.

In her acceptance speech for her Academy Award, Stone said, “Ryan Gosling, thank you for making me laugh and for always raising the bar and for being the greatest partner on this crazy adventure.”

8. Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

In their movie, 500 Days of Summer, their characters, Summer and Tom, launched their chemistry off the charts so convincingly, people kept asking when they were going to date in real life. However, Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt brushed it off and continued to stay friends. They even made music together and had a reunion 10 years after the movie was released.

9. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

Who would’ve thought that a simple love song would lead to another? This is, indeed, what Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran enjoy doing in their spare time, other than performing in concerts together and hanging out occasionally. Despite anything that’s going on, “Sweeran” is just a moniker for their longstanding friendship.

10. Julia Roberts and George Clooney

The A-list pair have collaborated on over 6 films together and even played husband-and-wife on-screen spectacularly. However, Julia Roberts and George Clooney set the drama aside and focused on building their friendship over the years. They even became friends with each other’s spouses.

They actually found it awkward to share a kiss for their new film. “It’s kind of ridiculous. It’s like kissing your best friend,” Roberts admitted.

11. Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves

Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves have had their fair share of sweet moments on-screen and they definitely made quite a pair. They even claimed to be “almost” married while filming their wedding scene in Dracula. It’s not hard for fans to see their romantic ship sailing anytime.

Despite finding love from other partners, the duo still dotes on each other. “I have so much love and respect for him and it really genuinely makes going to work and working an absolute pleasure,” Ryder gushed over her decades-long friendship with Reeves.

Which on-screen pair from our list did you love watching the most? How do you find these kinds of platonic friendships?

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